See Schedule for Fall 2022-23 for specific monthly class tuition.
As always, we encourage you to contact us directly at
781-258-6807 for any questions anytime throughout the year. But to help you begin your dance year with us, here are some general policies (subject to change/update):

CALENDAR: We generally follow the WAKEFIELD public schools as far as major holidays, vacation weeks, snow days, etc. but we will distribute an official calendar to every student during the first month of classes.

ATTENDANCE: Clearly we encourage good attendance as it certainly helps our dancers to grow & learn – however, we do not reward or punish dancers based on attendance. If your child is absent for longer than 2 weeks in a row, please contact us to let us know that they are still coming back. We hold a spot for every child registered and unless we hear from you directly, we assume your child will return to class when able; and, please note, that tuition is due for each month you are enrolled - we consider your child "enrolled" unless you notify us by phone or email to let us know that they will not return to class. Students should not miss more than 2 classes in May/June as the recital approaches - this is a key time for our students to prepare for the recital so we ask that you make sure your child attends all classes in these months.

TUITION: Tuition is due on the first lesson of every month if you have not paid for the year in full in advance.
Tuition is divided up into 9 EQUAL monthly payments (Sept. - May) based on the full dance year (June will be a partial month's tuition fee - tbd in the new year; each student will be required to pay a portion of their monthly tuition for June – due with May's tuition - even if you have paid for your full year in advance, June is additional. ). Tuition DOES NOT CHANGE monthly based on the number of classes that fall within that month. You are responsible for all tuition payments until you notify us by telephone or email that your child has decided not to return. We continue to hold a spot for every student each month unless otherwise notified and therefore tuition is due until we are notified of your child’s termination. We cannot adjust tuition based on absences for any reason and we do not refund monthly tution in the event you decide to no longer take a class - you are welcome to finish the month that you have paid for. If you have paid for your dancer's year in advance and decide to drop out of classes prior to the end of our dance season in June, the unused portion of your tuition will be refunded to you from the time YOU NOTIFY US (not from your child's last date of attendance) through to the time that you had paid for. There is a $55 administrative fee for all full-year cancellation refunds and refund checks take 4-6 weeks for processing. MONTHLY TUITION/COSTUME/DANCEWEAR/DANCE SHOE PAYMENTS ARE ALL NON-REFUNDABLE.

All classes missed for any reason other than scheduled studio holidays, closings & vacation weeks/days can be made up at any time as deemed appropriate for your child’s age group. We will try our best to make up for classes missed due to weather closings. We close when WAKEFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS close for inclement weather.

There is a $10 late fee for tuition payments made after the 10th of each month and there is a $35 returned check fee on all payments returned by our bank.

For families with more than one child and/or one child that takes more than one class – our discount allows you to deduct $11 from your monthly total!

Recital tickets will be $19. pp for our show in 2023; there is a mandatory recital recording fee of $29 per family - you will then be given access to all recital videos via a flashdrive or similar technology; and finally, costume fees will now be $78 per child/per routine (tights will again be $12 per pair w/costume fee) for the 2023 recital as well (costume/tights fees will be due the first

Hosted by our staff right at the dance studio – we offer a variety of holiday dance parties for our students and friends! (Halloween, New Years & more!!) Check out one of our Dancin’ Pizza Parties to get a taste of the FUN!

Specific dates & times for extra-curricular DANCE PARTIES will be posted in our waiting room and distributed to students throughout the dance year. Parents get a kid-free night out and your children have a blast!

See our Dancin’ Birthday Parties page for complete info on our personalized B-DAY parties!